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What People Say

“Lucinda Harms is amazing! I have consulted with her professionally and privately and she has an in depth knowledge of supplements and nutritional wellness in general that is unsurpassed! The consultation was more than I did expect: it was very individually tailored to me, compassionate and efficient. She even looked at best pricing! I cannot recommend her highly enough. You will ask youself: why did I not see her sooner? Her nutritional wellness classes will give you great tips for your everyday life. So glad I know her! She is truly excellent!”

Anke Bellinger

“Lucinda is so knowledgable and passionate. You can know she’ll go the extra mile for you. She will do the work to help you find the root cause of your issues and get solutions for you. It’s so great to know someone cares and there’s hope for your healing. You’ll get all that and more when you work with Lucinda, I highly recommend her!”

Mindy Touzani

“I cannot recommend consulting with Lucinda enough. She is one of the smartest women I have ever known with a drive for ongoing education and excellence. Having dealt with some bizarre health issues, I have found that some of the most valuable people to have on my health care team include people like Lucinda who can help guide the nutritional supplement path combined with lifestyle choices and healthy changes. Being able to go right to the source of so much knowledge in medicine and holistic medicine, combined, is a gift to all of those in the area who have the ability to work with her. Thank you!”

Laura Schmitt

About Me

I am a licensed pharmacist that specializes in using nutritional supplements and herbs, along with diet and lifestyle recommendations, to help people achieve better health..

Man is a food-dependent creature.  If you don’t feed him, he will die.  If you feed him improperly, part of him will die.”  Emanuel Cheraskin, MD

I educate, both one-on-one, and in larger groups, on the importance of a good nutritional foundation as a part of health and healing.  I believe firmly that no single diet is best for all, and I will work to help you find a nutritional plan that helps you feel your best.

From the Blog

Sunscreen Safety

It’s sunscreen season and you may be wondering what you should buy.  There are so many products to choose from and, quite frankly, some provide great SPF protection but contain some pretty harmful ingredients or more of an ingredient than is really needed.  So how do...

New Prenatal Multivitamin Recommendations

Adequate nutrition is never more important than during pregnancy and lactation, when the health of the baby is also at stake.  We have always had nutritional recommendations during pregnancy and lactation, but recently these recommendations have significantly...

Can food cause IBS symptoms?

If you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), have you ever been told it’s all in your head?  Today we know it to be a true GI disorder that we don’t yet have a good idea of how to treat it.  Medications aim to tame the symptoms but not address the underlying cause. ...

Tasty Supplements for Kids

When my daughter was 11, she was diagnosed with a deficiency of an essential fatty acid.  Her doctor prescribed fish oil.  I was grateful that we now knew what might help her condition but when I tried to have her swallow a fish oil capsule she couldn’t.  The capsules...

Healthy Eating 101

In pharmacy school, I learned that there’s a pill for every ill.  But one thing I’ve learned over the years is that there is no pill for a bad diet.  We just have to make dietary changes if what we’re eating isn’t good for us.  Imagine being low on gas in your car and...

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